Importance of Comprehension

The book Murphy Reading has been written to help teachers and parents alike to introduce and teach children to read. The emphasis is heavily placed on not only teaching the child how to read but more importantly to comprehend what they read.

The video below shows how the student can not only learn to read big long sentences very quickly but when questioned about what he has read he  can remember all the detail in the sentence.

Click here to watch the Big Long Sentence Game

The multisensory teaching approach used in Murphy Reading results in children learning to read words, sentences and stories with full comprehension.

The importance of comprehension is key to a child’s enjoyment of reading. You would not watch a film on the television if the screen went black and you could only hear the sound would you? Likewise a number of parents and teachers report a child who can read the words but are unable to follow the story. The reason for this is due to a lack of comprehension. A child who does not comprehend a story quickly loses interest.

There are ten Murphy Stories and they have been written specifically for Murphy Reading. The stories include all of the words that the child learns to read by playing the 30 Murphy Reading games and also some new words.

A child who has played the 30 Murphy Reading games has huge confidence in their reading because they know they can read 124 words. You can increase their confidence further by introducing the child to reading Murphy Stories.

If your child is over the age of 7 and has reading, spelling, sequencing or writing  difficulties you should visit the website:

The Big Long Sentence Game