The Animal Game

To play The Animal Game follow the step by step instructions below which are found on page 17 of the book Murphy Reading.

The purpose of this game is to further “tune” the child’s senses and also to identify words of a totally different category, “animals” instead of “sweets”. As the games progress Murphy Reading uses the skill of being able to sort words into different categories.
It is very important to go over yesterday’s words before introducing new words.
What you need: animal figures, yellow box and yellow animal word cards 124.
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How to play the game

  1. Lay out a pig, dog and cow animal figure at an orthogonal angle in front of the child.  
  2. Ask the child to name the animals.
  3. Ask the child to pick up the pig and feel it with their two hands.
  4. Ask the child the following questions while they have the pig figure in their hands:
    • Can you feel the tail?
    • Is the tail pointing up or is the tail pointing down?
    • Can you feel the ears?
    • Are they pointy up ears or floppy ears?
    • Can you feel the body?
    • Is it a fat body or a thin body?
    • Is it a long body or is it a short body?
    • Can you feel the legs?
    • Are they long legs or short legs?
    • Has the animal got horns or not?
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the dog and the cow figures.
  6. Ask the child to close their eyes and explain that you are going to put the different animals into their hand one at a time and ask them to name it by feeling it. 
  7. Next ask the child to point to each animal figure and make the sound of the animal.
  8. Explain to the child how you are going to make an animal sound and they are going to pick up the animal that makes that sound and tell you its name.
  9. Get the yellow animal word cards on page 124 and put the animal above the corresponding word card.
  10. Ask the child to look at the cards and tell you when they are ready.
  11. Ask the child to close their eyes.
  12. Remove the animals and leave the yellow word cards in the same place.
  13.  Give the child the animals and ask them to put them above the word card.
  14.  Ask the child to read the animal name as they put down the animal figure.
  15.  Ask the child to close their eyes.
  16.  Jumble up the word cards.
  17.  Ask the child to put the animals above the word card.
  18.  Repeat. 
  19.  When you are finished playing The Animal Game place the yellow word cards into the yellow box.

Introduce the words sheep and horse in the exact same way as above, the same day or the next day. Then sort all 5 animals together following steps 8 to 18. 

Extra words

Using the method above for The Animal Game introduce the following animals: cat, hen, goat, duck, bull, calf and lamb. 

Number of words we can now read = 20