The Big and Small Game

To play the The Big and Small Game follow the step by step instructions below which are found on page 29 of the book Murphy Reading.

What you need: yellow box and big and small yellow word cards 125.
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How to play the game

  1. Ask the child who is big, them or you.
  2. Ask the child who is small.
  3. Ask the child to give you the big card and keep the small card for themselves.
  4. List a number of objects in the room and ask the child to go up to the object and put the big or small card on it. For example door, television, crayon, rubber, desk, chair, light switch.
  5. Then ask the children to find 10 more objects of their choice and do the same.
  6. Use the words big and small in sentences. Lay out the sentence and ask the child to read the sentence to you. See examples below.

big cow eats buttons

  1. small dog eats jelly tots
  2. big cat eats smarties
  3. small sheep eats maltesers
  4. big horse eats jelly babies
  5. small pig eats smarties
  6. big hen eats buttons
  7. small goat eats jelly tots
  8. small duck eats smarties
  9. big bull eats jelly babies 

When you are finished playing The Big and Small Game place the yellow word cards into the yellow box. 

Number of words we can now read = 22