Who Eats What? Game

To play the Who Eats What? Game follow the step by step instructions below which are found on page 21 of the book Murphy Reading.

Who Eats What? Game

The purpose of this game is to teach the child the skill of joining words together to make sense.

Remember it is very important to go over yesterday’s words before introducing new words. Now we are going to form sentences with the 20 words the child can read. 

What you need: Sweets, animal figures, yellow box and yellow sweet and animal word cards.
Play Video

How to play the game

Lay out the animals, sweets and yellow word cards as shown on the video. 

Cow figure                           buttons

 Word card                              word card

Read: the cow eats buttons

Dog figure                            jelly tots

Word card                              word card

Read: the dog eats jelly tots 

Pig figure                              smarties

Word card                              word card

Read: the pig eats smarties

1. Demonstrate to the child how to read the sentence “the cow eats buttons”. Simply explain to the child that we pretend some extra words are there. You will find that the child will do this automatically without question.

2. Ask the child to read each sentence.

3. Remove the actual sweets and ask the children to read the sentences.

4. Ask the child to close their eyes and jumble up the sweet word cards. Leave the animals and animal cards as they are.

5. As the child to read the sentences.

6. Remove the animal figures.

7.  Ask the child to read the sentences.

8. Ask the child to close their eyes and jumble up the animal word cards. Leave the sweet word cards as they are.

9. Ask the child to read the sentences.

10. Ask the child to close their eyes.

11. Jumble up the animal and sweet word cards.

12.  Repeat as above.

13. Ask the child to jumble up the animal and sweet word cards and read the sentences.  

Further examples:

Sheep figure                        maltesers

Word card                              word card

Read: the sheep eats maltesers 

Horse figure                         jelly babies

Word card                              word card

Read: the horse eats jelly babies

Cat figure                              rolos

Word card                              word card

Read: the cat eats rolos

Hen figure                            minstrels

Word card                              word card

Read: the hen eats minstrels

Goat figure                           fruit pastilles

Word card                              word card

Read: the goat eats fruit pastilles

Notice how the child uses all of their senses. Watch the expressions on the child’s face of interest, attention, curiosity but above all fun!