Consultations can be arranged with a Murphy Reading tutor where a parent and child meet with a tutor for a number of consultations on a one to one basis.

Before a Murphy Reading consultation is arranged the parent(s)/guardian is requested to answer a series of questions by telephone regarding the profile of the child. 

During Murphy Reading consultations the parent(s)/guardian are always present. During the consultation, the parent/ guardian will watch as the Murphy Reading tutor plays the Murphy Reading games with the child. The tutor will explain each game and how the child is learning. The tutor will progress at the learning rate of the child. All children have individual learning rates.

The parent(s)/guardian observe how to play the Murphy Reading games and will watch as they see immediate benefits to their child. 

At the end of each consultation, the tutor will explain to the parent(s)/guardian which games to play with the child at home before the following consultation. These games will be played for a short time every day.

As every child has an individual learning rate the number of consultations and the frequency varies.

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