Training For Teachers

At present we are seeking teachers to train in Ireland. 

If you wish to have a copy of the syllabus e-mailed to you please e-mail:

(Please insert “Murphy Reading Training” in the subject line)

What does the course involve?

Murphy Reading courses for parents are designed to explain the theory of Murphy Reading to parents and through the use of practicals and videos demonstrate how each of the games are played.

As part of the course extra activities are explained and introduced that are extra to the 30 games in the book.

What is Murphy Reading?

The Murphy Reading programme is a multisensory learning programme that parents can use to introduce their children to reading with full comprehension, spelling, writing, sequencing and number line.

Who can use Murphy Reading?

Murphy Reading is suitable for all children up to the age of 7.

Murphy Reading has been used successfully as an introduction to reading for 3 and a half year olds right through to children aged 7, even those who have experienced difficulty and lack of success in learning to read over a long period of time.

Murphy Reading has also been used successfully by parents and Murphy Reading Teachers with children who have a range of learning difficulties such as verbal dyspraxia and other speech and language difficulties and some children with autism and Asperger Syndrome.