My little six year old girl had trouble learning to read and found it difficult to remember words she may have learned the previous week in school. She really fell behind and lost complete interest in even trying. She became very stressed out in school which really affected her. She came to dislike school and lost her confidence. I heard about Murphy Reading from a friend who said it had helped her little girl. I said we would give it a try as we were desperate to get her some help. The results were brilliant! She found it fun and within a couple of months you could see a really big improvement. Her confidence has improved immensely, her reading has come on great and is making wonderful progress. We have found the Murphy Reading a great success for our little girl and we were very impressed with the programme. We will continue to keep using the programme as we find it a fun learning programme that also gets results.

Liz O’Neill, Wicklow

Our five year old enjoyed this reading programme so much that we has to bring it on holidays with us. Himself and his three year old brother would look forward to the reading games every night – so it was definitely learning through fun!

It improved both his actual reading and recognition but above all his interest in learning.

Emma Wall, Dublin

For what seemed like word blindness, where very few words seemed to be retained no matter how often gone over or sounded out, this system has transformed my child’s reading ability and spellings. Where before a story was made up of individual sentences that meant nothing only a line on a page, my child can now visualise the story and see it as a moving picture.​

Ita Hennessy, Kilkenny

This method of teaching not only opened books, but a whole new world to my son Kevin. His ability to read and spell improved greatly, but just as importantly so too did his social skills and self confidence. For this I will be forever grateful.

This reading method was fun, easy to follow and rewarding.

Geraldine Fallon, Offaly

Before my daughter Meadbh started the Murphy Reading Programme she was falling back at school. Her confidence was starting to be affected. She would say “I am stupid in school”.

When she started the programme and started to make progress at her reading she started to believe that reading was for her too. She was enjoying showing off her new found reading skills to her teacher.

Homework time used to be an argument between her and me, now we work together and most of the time we enjoy this time and our relationship has actually improved.

Marie Walsh, Kilkenny.

Our son participated in the Murphy reading games course during his Senior Infants year. His reading vocabulary increased dramatically as a result of this programme.

It gave him a new-found confidence in his reading ability and allowed him to view reading as a pleasurable activity because of the success he was achieving.

He enjoyed every session and overall it was a positive and fruitful experience for him.

Emer Boyle, Dublin

My son took part in the Murphy Reading Programme in junior infants .It was amazing to see the progress he made in reading over a few weeks.

It was an enjoyable experience for him and has, I believe formed the basis of a love of reading as well as learning to read in a relaxed and fun way.

Rebecca Hall, Dublin

I sent my daughter Sileena aged 6 to Murphy Reading, learning to read with fun and games. As a mother of a child who attended Murphy Reading, I am delighted at the improvement that my daughter Sileena has shown. Sileena has achieved great confidence in her reading and wants to show how good she can read. It is quite amazing in what can be done in the space of a couple of hours.

My daughter is delighted to do her homework and to take up a book to read, something she didn’t have an interest in before.

I want to thank Orla Callan for all the help and support she gave my daughter and would highly recommend to parents of other children to make use of this programme if they feel their child is struggling to learn. I see a huge difference in my daughter after getting her the help I felt she needed.

Rose Ennis, Dublin