Murphy Reading FAQs

When can I start Murphy Reading with my child?

Today! Game 1- The Sweets Game is free to download along with the first 6 chapters of Murphy Reading. You can print the wordcards that are also free to download and print.

 When you have played Game 1 you are ready to start Step 1 which contains the next 3 games and the next chapters of Murphy Reading.

Enjoy watching your child learn through fun and games.

My child has difficulty learning to sound out words in school, can I still use Murphy Reading with my child?

Yes, Murphy Reading is suitable for all children as a method to introduce reading to preschool children and also for children who are experiencing difficulty using phonics in school. Murphy Reading teaches children to read whole words and sentences and then introduces children to the individual letters in Game 26.

As a parent I have dyslexia and I can see my child experiencing some of the challenges that I did, would Murphy Reading be suitable?

Yes absolutely, we actually developed Murphy Reading in response to many parents of children who completed another Interested Parents program called dyslexia@bay. They were concerned that they could see their younger child/ren experiencing similar difficulties and wanted a program to prevent the symptoms of dyslexia occurring that often leads to frustration and confidence issues.

What age of child is Murphy Reading suitable for?

Murphy Reading is suitable for all children up to the age of 7.

Murphy Reading has been used successfully as an introduction to reading for 3 and a half year olds right through to children aged 7, even those who have experienced difficulty and lack of success in learning to read over a long period of time.

Murphy Reading has also been used successfully by parents and Murphy Reading consultants with children who have a range of learning difficulties such as verbal dyspraxia and other speech and language difficulties and some children with autism and Asperger Syndrome.

How long does it take to complete the programme?

We recommend playing the Murphy Reading games for short periods of time (10 – 20 minutes) regularly as this is much more effective than a long one hour session once a week.

Parents have reported  back to us that they generally played the games for 15-20 minutes 4-5 days a week.

Can I arrange a consultation with my child and a Murphy Reading consultant?

Consultations can be arranged with a Murphy Reading tutor where a parent and child meet with a tutor for a number of consultations on a one to one basis.

Before a Murphy Reading consultation is arranged the parent(s)/guardian is requested to answer a series of questions by telephone regarding the profile of the child. 

During Murphy Reading consultations the parent(s)/guardian are always present. During the consultation, the parent/ guardian will watch as the Murphy Reading tutor plays the Murphy Reading games with the child. The tutor will explain each game and how the child is learning. The tutor will progress at the learning rate of the child. All children have individual learning rates.

The parent(s)/guardian observe how to play the Murphy Reading games and will watch as they see immediate benefits to their child. 

At the end of each consultation, the tutor will explain to the parent(s)/guardian which games to play with the child at home before the following consultation. These games will be played for a short time every day.

As every child has an individual learning rate the number of consultations and the frequency varies.


Six weeks ago my child could not read any words except his own name and maybe familiar words like Tescos and Mc Donalds, now he can read stories and spell every word that he read. His confidence has grown and now is not afraid to open any book and start to read.
Mary Savage, Dublin
I found Murphy Reading an amazing experience and huge relief for me. My son repeated Junior Infants and also had covered a lot before starting school and I felt he was struggling and finding learning extremely difficult. As a result of this he had become uninterested and lost complete confidence which of course broke my heart. Murphy Reading has turned all this around and I am not worried now and very grateful for the chance to do this course. Onwards and upwards!
Saibh Hanahoe, Wicklow
I got great confidence in myself on how to teach my child. I’ve put it into everyday use without realising sometimes.
Celine Mc Gibney, Dublin