Who is Murphy Reading for?

Murphy Reading is suitable for all children aged 4 – 7 years old.

Children who play the Murphy Reading games learn to read with enjoyment and confidence. It has been designed so that a parent can complete each game at the child’s own learning rate as every child has a very different learning rate. Children who complete the 30 Murphy Reading games and 10 Murphy Stories develop a love of reading and an interest in books. 

Children who complete the Murphy Reading games also develop many other learning skills such as how to sort and categorise information in the brain.  

Murphy Reading has been used successfully by both teachers in a classroom and parents in the home as an introduction to reading for four year olds right through to those children who have experienced difficulty and lack of success in learning to read by other means over a period of years!

If your child is over 7 and has reading, spelling, sequencing or writing difficulties please visit www.dyslexia-at-bay.com

“Our five year old enjoyed this reading programme so much that we has to bring it on holidays with us. Himself and his three year old brother would look forward to the reading games every night – so it was definitely learning through fun! It improved both his actual reading and recognition but above all his interest in learning.”
Emma Wall, Dublin