Multisensory Teaching

Other reading programmes claim to be multisensory, but Murphy Reading is unique in using all five senses; seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and touching, to not only recognise and read words but to read with a very high level of comprehension from the first day.

Watch The Sweets Game video and it is clear that the child is using all of her senses to learn to read her first three words. She firstly identifies the sweets by sight, followed by the feel of them, followed by the smell of them and finally by taste and also sound. In The Sweets Game the child not only identifies the sweet by taste when it is in their mouth but also sound. When they bite a smartie they hear a crunch that is not present when they bite a jelly tot.

A child learns by inputting knowledge through one of the senses and the child learns very quickly by inputting knowledge through more than one of the senses. Children learn at the quickest rate by using all of their senses. That is why a multisensory approach is the quickest way for a child to learn.

We increase a child’s learning ability by making them more aware of their senses and their sub-senses e.g. a sub-sense of seeing is colour, a sub-sense of hearing is loud.

Not only do the Murphy Reading games teach a child to read easily and with fun but they also increase their learning ability in general.

If your child is over the age of 7 and has reading, spelling, sequencing or writing  difficulties please visit the website