In Murphy Reading we teach children to Finger Write with their index finger in the air in The Tracing Letters Game before they ever hold a pencil. The reason for this is not only to connect it to their long term visual memory but to introduce movement of the finger and wrist.

Some children write with a pencil reasonably neatly from early on but most do not. Nor do they write with letters all the same size. With the result that when they see the written word it is disproportionate, untidy and more difficult to read, thus inhibiting the natural reading process. 

When children learn to write with a pencil very often they do not hold the pencil in an efficient way and also write with a very heavy hand. This does two things, firstly it inhibits free movement of the fingers and secondly writing movements occur at the shoulder and elbow which is not natural.

Children can be taught to write with the right pressure and using the fingers and wrist and to write all the letters the same size just by learning to Finger Write in the air!

Finger writing in the correct position, encourages children to use their wrist and index finger, rather than their elbow when learning to write. Finger Writing encourages the child to not only read in a visual methodology, but also to write with a visual methodology and to link the two together.

If your child is over the age of 7 and has reading, spelling, sequencing or writing  difficulties please visit the website www.dyslexia-at-bay.com.