Parent Information

One of the core beliefs of Murphy Reading is that parents are the best teachers of their own children. Before children go to school they have already acquired many skills, many of which were learnt through the direct instruction of their parents.

Murphy Reading is suitable for all children. Murphy Reading has been used successfully by both teachers in a classroom and parents in the home as an introduction to reading for four year olds right through to those children who have experienced difficulty and lack of success in learning to read by other means over a period of years!

The book Murphy Reading is written in everyday language for both teachers and parents to be able to play the Murphy Reading games with children easily and effortlessly.

Children love games; they enjoy them, get satisfaction from them and learn rapidly. Games are fun for children, parents and teachers, and the Murphy Reading games are fun for all!

Murphy Reading is an online program comprised of 30 Murphy Reading games videos which are easy to play, easy to learn and a source of great fun for all children who play them. Everyday household items are used and no special apparatus is needed. The book is therefore written with clear and concise instructions on how to play the Murphy Reading games and also some optional basic theory for those who wish to understand why the games are so successful and why children learn to read with comprehension so rapidly.

If your child is over 7 and has reading, spelling, sequencing or writing difficulties please visit